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Sonaal Bangera, among the brains behind the Screeny Application, and also the Creative Mind of NFN Labs discusses a brief history (yes it’s making a lot of it) behind the development of Screeny. An ios developer Malaysia that allows you to delete screens around the iPhone, Screeny continues to be the cynosure of numerous eyes.

ContractIQ: Sonaal, evidently from it, it appears as though a simple application & yet everyone loves it. Why?

Sonaal: As being a designer, you have a tendency to take lots of screenshots (because of testing purposes, in order to send feedback in order to convey a concept or something like that inspirational). With time, these screenshots accumulate within the camera roll and consume space. I needed to locate a simple method to eliminate these screenshots. I began off by solving my very own problem first. Odds are, that you’re not the unicorn using the idea and worst situation you’ve a minimum of solved your personal itch! Things I did right, first, ended up being to begin small, after which to visit forth to construct and ship. Obviously, there are plenty of other activities I possibly could did using the screenshots – deleting them, relocating to albums, discussing them, anything! But we required just one some of it: to delete.

IOS Developer Malaysia
IOS Developer Malaysia

ContractIQ: Therefore the trick appears to become solving a genuine discomfort, regardless of how complex or simple the answer is. Where does Screeny move from here?

Sonaal: Now we have feedback towards the effect that this can be a genuine problem that individuals are facing, we’ll build on the top from ios developer Malaysia using the remaining features that individuals request.

ContractIQ: It’s one factor to construct a software application product and it is another to cost it. How have you decide the cost?

Sonaal: We spent a while attempting to decide between using a freemium model along with a compensated model. We settled for creating a great consumer experience and doing one factor, and doing the work very well, after which made the decision to charge for this ($.99). Money is a superb validation factor, and informs you that individuals really love your products.