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The recording promotes the expertise of United kingdom-based, private, free, 24-hour counselling service for kids, Childline. Carrying out a conversation between child and consultant, the 4-minute animation uses kinetic typography and abstract graphic designer Malaysia to obtain its message across. It’s in no way a simple issue, so we think YCN Studio and Buck did a sterling job at covering it inside a effective yet delicate way.

06. Breaking Bad

American Television show Breaking Bad has won multiple honours because it first broadcast in 2008. That is hardly surprising if this includes brilliant monologues like ‘I am the danger’, by which school teacher-switched-criminal Walter White-colored convinces his wife that he’s a harmful man, able to striking fear into hardened crooks.

Artist, illustrator and animator Paul Cooper made the decision to pay for homage towards the infamous scene using kinetic typography. He visualises the brilliant scene through a number of black and white-colored illustrations and text, all cleverly timed to every character’s lines.

07. The Hush Seem – Lions Roar

A part of a 2 man team, designer Mig Reyes labored about this typographical motion graphic piece towards the Hush Sound’s Lions Roar song. Fan from the band, typography, design and heavily inspired by motion graphics studio MK12, the duo used Consequences to time the song’s lyrics towards the brilliant typography and graphics.

Graphic Designer Malaysia
Graphic Designer Malaysia

08. Stalling

This trailer for David McRaney’s worldwide bestselling book You aren’t So Wise uses cleverly animated typography to summarize its contents. Animated, designed and created by Plus3 productions, the perfectly timed animation is about proscratination, which’ll have you ever nodding in complete agreement and smiling completely through.

09. The Advantage

Hunter S Thompson has affected an era of film-makers, authors and graphic designer Malaysia which homage towards the author by Piotr Kabat combines a range of design disciplines to showcase his finest words.

10. Apocalypse Rhyme

It is really an amazing good article thinking about it had been finished by one individual. Oliver Harrison authored the poem, composed the background music and organised everything right into a splendid animated whole for Funnel 4’s Random Functions, and the reward was the ‘Best Motion Graphics’ prize within the British Animation Honours 2014.