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It is really an approach that some ad designers are utilizing to prevent getting 3d animator CC instantly append a cache-busting variable towards the file name when testing the FLA. If this approach isn’t taken, Animate CC instantly creates the script tag that references your FLA’s JavaScript file and appends an arbitrary cache-busting query string variable towards the file name to guarantee the browser isn’t caching an outdated form of the file whenever you view and test out your work. The issue with this particular practice is the fact that some ad-serving platforms will reject your ad as their automated systems don’t recognize the file name using the appended cache-busting variable as the same file because the actual file that’s situated in your assets.

3D Animator
3D Animator

Due to this fact, some ad designers started applying the above mentioned solution so they wouldn’t need to by hand take away the cache-busting query string variable before packaging and posting their finalized assets towards the ad-serving vendor. This is often an elegant solution for many use cases, yet it’s worth calling out 3d animator would stop you from having the ability to merge your JavaScript together with your HTML, causing your code to interrupt since the custom template would be expecting the exterior JavaScript file which may then no more exist after enabling this selection. So, if you wish to make use of this feature, please make certain you use a template that doesn’t clearly draw in the exterior JavaScript file as described above, but instead make use of the following placeholder token which will help you to switch backwards and forwards backward and forward approaches as needed:


Bear in mind that by using this token will still permit the cache-busting variable to become appended every time you Control ENTER to check your FLA, if however you just Publish your FLA before finalizing your HTML, you’ll be able to prevent Animate CC from appending the cache-busting variable. So in conclusion, should you press Control ENTER to check your FLA then your random cache-busting variable continues to be produced. However, should you publish your FLA rather, by choosing File > Publish then there won’t be any cache-busting variable appended towards the JavaScript file name. Due to this, it may be helpful to write the FLA as final step before unchecking Overwrite HTML file on publish and coming to a custom edits towards the HTML.