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This information is a reason of methods to complete within the air deployment of the random ios developer application build by hand utilizing a self-located server. If self-hosting from the random files isn’t a requirement then I would suggest using a 3rd party service for example Test Flight or perhaps a possibly a self located, fully handled solution like Hockey.

I’ve been requested several occasions lately about iOS Random distribution and particularly about within the air deployment of random develops without resorting to a company deployment certificate, or utilization of a 3rd party service, or individuals individuals who would like to learn more concerning the process and so i thought I’d write down just a little step-by-step of methods to get it done!

Developing a Distribution Build

So you are prepared to deploy for your beta testers! Congratulations! The very first factor to complete is produce a distribution build configuration in Xcode. Inside your project configurations, duplicate the discharge configuration profile and name it Distribution.

IOS Developer
IOS Developer

Build Designs in Xcode 4

Should you used Xcode to configure your development machine you need to curently have both an improvement and deployment certificate set up in your keychain, searching something similar to this. Should you not then you will have to make certain you’ve got a matching private key for the ios developer and distribution certificates.

Certificates in Keychain Access

Next switch to Xcode and visit the build configurations for that project and discover the Code Signing section. Switch the Code Signing Identity for that Distribution build configuration to iPhone Distribution (that ought to then say (presently matches ‘…’) for those who have your keychain so as!

Code Signing Configurations in Xcode 4

To really produce the build we will make use of the automatic build and archiving feature built-in to Xcode, nevertheless the default configuration accurate documentation build may be the Release build configuration. To alter the default to the new Distribution configuration, choose the Edit Scheme… menu option in the Xcode 4 Product menu and alter the Build Configuration setting for that Archive task to Distribution.