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Lately, GameAnalytics features Benchmarks. This allows you compare the general KPIs of the game to that particular of others, in both specific genres or in particular. We presently have 6000 active games within our network, so you can be certain that the conclusions derive from statistically relevant samples, regardless of genre.

Let’s go ahead and take example above that benchmarks a game company Average Session Length to that particular of all of the games within our network relating to some certain genre. What this informs you is your Average Session Length is nearly within the 90th percentile. In layman terms: in comparison for your genre’s average, your game’s sessions are more than most.

This will cause you to question: what is the certain a part of my game driving this average upwards? Check out the chart below:

Game Company
Game Company

The graph above shows the session length distribution for 2 levels inside a game company. A fast see this causes it to be apparent that in level 2 (eco-friendly) sessions take more time in comparison to level one. Obviously, this really is normal: as it’s an indicative to the fact that the problem level increases in one level to another. You do not would like your gamers to obtain bored, and never go through the sense of achievement and talent improvement that keeps them playing. However, sudden increases in session length in one level to another, might indicate an unbalance inside your difficulty curve. Making this something you ought to be keeping track of.

Reasons gamers leave: Your game’s sessions are extremely lengthy

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3. You aren’t individuals right audience for the project

As Nathan mentions, targeting 60 year-olds having a brawler is ridiculous. Though this 3rd reason relates more to game design choices and selecting the best distribution/marketing funnel, what analytics can help you identify here is to should concentrate these marketing efforts. Searching at the new user’s distribution per country, will indicate where your most customers originate from, geographically.