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Construction Worker Issues Of Safety: Hitting the scales on Silica Standards

One factor I truly love about my job is getting the chance to talk about information about issues affecting the commercial contractor Malaysia industry – whether I’m writing a publish with this blog, networking at industry occasions or hooking up having a reporter who requires a construction expert’s perspective.

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Construction worker safety factors are important for Englewood Construction. The EC team for action in the American Girl Devote the Mall of the usa.

Contractor Malaysia
Contractor Malaysia

An excellent illustration of the second happened a couple of days ago, after i received a phone call from the Chicago Tribune reporter. The Department at work had just introduced modified recommendations meant to reduce workers’ contact with silica dust, that may cause lung disease and elevated chance of cancer when it’s inhaled with time, and also the reporter wanted a nationwide commercial contractor to discuss exactly what the final rule method for the development industry.

I had been more than pleased to weigh in. Like the majority of effective construction firms, Englewood Construction makes construction worker safety a high priority. In the end, we operate in a business where employees regularly encounter on-the-job hazards, so ensuring construction employees know about individuals safety concerns and also have the right equipment and know-working as securely as you possibly can is a huge a part of as being a responsible employer and leader within our field. So that as I told the reporter within the final article, construction job site safety goes past what you can see and anticipate, for example fall hazards or oral appliance equipment issues. We should be conscious of exposure hazards, for example silica dust, and just how individuals hazards can impact the lengthy-term health insurance and well-being in our contractor Malaysia team.

Although it was exciting to talk about our viewpoints using the Tribune, what went down next being cooler. The next day the storyline printed, I received a phone call from a member of staff in the Department at work (Department of labor) who’d browse the Tribune story. He thanked me for discussing my sights around the new recommendations, so we talked about additional ways Englewood could weigh in on why the silica rule is essential and just how we’re already seeing silica protections being implemented across our industry. Because of that conversation, we published your blog publish about this important subject – read it here on Hard Hat Chat, and I’m proud to state it has additionally been printed here around the Department of labor blog.

Like every major alternation in a business, the development of the ultimate silica rule has sparked debate among individuals it impacts. This exchange will work for our industry, since it has introduced an essential problem for worker safety in the spotlight – and that i for just one am glad to participate the conversation.