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2) Client Service: Among the greatest impacts of technology available construction market is the opportunity to rapidly and simply share renovation company project information. Something we’re especially happy with at Englewood is our online project management software portal operated by Procore, which we use to talk about from weekly reviews and project photos to alter orders and work order demands with everybody involved on the project – from your team and clients, to keep and restaurant managers from your retail and restaurant development clients. I can’t let you know the number of occasions I’ve been told by clients they love our bodies – some have adopted it themselves.

Getting everything information easily available as well as in a method that’s simple for everybody to navigate produces a genuine degree of transparency and accountability our clients appreciate. Plus, it streamlines all communication on the project and just allows us do our responsibility better. Finally, that use of shared information assists in building a proper feeling of collaboration along with a having faith in exposure to our clients, that is so critical inside a effective partnership.

Renovation Company
Renovation Company

3) Job Site Tools: Today’s construction job site is an extremely different place than only a couple of years back. Even our most “old school” renovation company superintendents are up-to-speed with using technology and apps for daily construction confirming, discussing photos and scheduling look-aheads. We’re also seeing the outcome of exciting new developments like BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, which provides us a 3-D picture of all things happening inside a job site to higher anticipate construction conflicts and issues. Although some technology like BIM aren’t yet mainstream, it’s our responsibility like a leading national construction firm to remain abreast with what’s new and counsel our clients because they weigh the advantages of with such technologies against their added costs.

And that’s things i love about technology – there’s always new things to understand, and who knows if it will likely be the following big factor to transform a business. For this reason we’re keeping BIM on the radar, thinking significantly about such things as using drone technology in construction, as well as searching at developing our very own smartphone application that can help our field team communicate with our office staff easier. It isn’t enough to remain current – we’re trying to stand above the bend and eventually using technology to really make it simpler for clients to use us.