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When I write, this minute, the character modeller Guild has 3.467 people working under its jurisdiction.

This can be a lengthy way in the 700 artists, authors and specialists who have been employed within contract in 1989, however. Twenty-seven years back, animation was the ugly, beaten step-child from the movie and tv industry. Now it isn’t just beloved, however a big profit center in Tinsel Town (which describes why it’s now beloved).

TV work has continuously grown in the last 3 years, and appears to become growing more in 2016. DreamWorks Animation TV is steaming ahead with new orders from Netflix, and also the conglomerates (Disney, Time-Warner, Fox) are developing new content.

Character Modeller
Character Modeller

There has been numerous new galleries which have joined the la market. Some, like Original Pressure 3-D Animation, the Guild has signed contracts with. Others, like Alpha Animation Corporation., remain unorganized. (These two galleries originate from landmass China). You will find small TV animation galleries (like Wild Canary and Robin Red Breast) doing sub-contracting work with the majors, along with a couple of like Splash Entertainment (formerly Moonscoop, formerly Mike Youthful Productions) doing original quite happy with bigger partners.

The lengthy and lacking it’s, the la character modeller scene is active and vibrant if there wasn’t a rustic to the north offering fistfuls of Free Money, it might be much more vibrant. But despite the subsidized cartoon work pressure in Canada, La does okay. Because the list underneath will attest. …

Kindly observe that there’s big overlap with this particular post’s previous incarnation, but additionally lots of new projects. As before, you can comment at the end we’ll add or take away shows when needed, for we’re not all-seeing nor infallible. …


(Mainly guild work, but additionally some non-guild productions. Clearly their email list is going to be amended once we complement, no?)