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After 2 yrs of aggressive feature releases with iOS 7 and iOS 8, we are searching toward the rumored concentrate on stability and gratifaction enhancements in iOS 9. After polling the Savvy IOS Developer team, here are the products we’d want to see announced for iOS 9 at WWDC15 next Monday.

Stabilized Quick

Announced finally year’s WWDC, Swift’s rapid evolution is which makes it hard for developers to consider it. We must learn Quick, write code in Quick, then frequently fix all of the compile errors when Quick is updated. We are more unwilling to use Quick since it winds up requiring more try to maintain Quick code throughout its iterations. These problems would cost our customers money and time, and that’s why we have only written certain functions in Quick. We’d want to see some quantity of stabilization to really make it a far more legitimate choice when beginning newly discovered apps

IOS Developer
IOS Developer

Reduced Load Occasions and Bug Fixes in Storyboards

Large storyboards frequently have a lengthy time for you to load. IOS Developer also hard to manage and navigate. So, we wish to see performance and reaction enhancements for storyboards, in addition to reduced load occasions for big storyboard files. Hopefully, iOS 9 may also eliminate an especially obnoxious bug involving storyboard view frames. We have observed that typically labels and text fields shift unnatural because frames after we have saved, closed, and reopened Xcode. Funny enough, Xcode generates an alert when this happens, telling us the components happen to be moved around and that they must be fixed. But we all know who the actual offender is. Thanks, Xcode

Objective-C Based UI Testing Framework

At this time Apple uses UIAutomation to check the consumer interface in apps. This framework requires developers to create JavaScript despite the fact that anything else within the application is Objective-C or Quick. In a perfect world for iOS developers, we’d come with an Apple-supported UI testing framework that utilizes Objective-C and Quick. This method would eliminate the necessity to code in JavaScript or choose a third-party developer library that utilizes Objective-C but is not supported or maintained by Apple

Simpler to apply IAP Auto-Renewable Subscriptions

In-IOS Developer purchases which use auto-renewable subscriptions continue to be hard to implement and test. There’s neither an iOS or REST API that enables you to obtain the expiration date for any subscription. Presently, you receive a JSON object that should be parsed for that relevant information. It might be nice to possess a simple method to ping Apple having a receipt and obtain an easy “not cancelled” or expiration date object came back. We’d want to see updates to auto-renewable subscriptions or perhaps a new renewable In-Application Purchase system that’s simpler and much more reliable to check and employ. Within the interim, we are planning for a blog publish about this subject since it is still very tricky to setup and implement.