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Web Development and design demands understanding, practice, daily effort to understand and focus, and fervour, like professional sportsmen. (Design conventions: Necessary guidelines to be able to improve a particular design.) Regardless of how bad or good personal style is, the fact is that everybody has one. However, when design conventions are excluded from a task, the end result is a bad or unexciting design. That is what happens with individuals terrible clients, once they attempt to implement their personal style not understanding anything about design conventions.

Web Designer Malaysia
Web Designer Malaysia

1) Balance

Balance is really a fundamental principle in design. It’s directly linked to every element, helping you control the look flow of the page. There’s two important concepts in balance – symmetrical and asymmetrical balance. With Symmetrical Balance, elements have equal weight on sides, resulting in a proper and traditional site, however, with asymmetrical balance, elements possess a different weight which results in another and different layout. I made the decision to incorporate this subject because its importance is major in layout design. If incorrectly used, it can result in the entire ruin of the layout.

Above is a great one of asymmetrical balance. Have you spot the “DECO Car windows Repair” text around the right, and also the background map image around the left? Although individuals elements don’t have exactly the same weight, it feels perfectly balanced. However, should you hide the written text around the right, the page will forfeit its balance very rapidly. Now check out the white-colored bottom section, individuals three posts don’t have a similar weight, but it’s perfectly balanced since the left text (“You can’t be everywhere…”) has equal weight because the top right text around the red background.


It makes sense a “cross balance”, and therefore the less strong and powerful elements produce a balance together. I think about this to become of enormous importance in uneven balance.