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14) Bad utilization of styles

Using the growing recognition of market places, it’s easy to see increasingly more amazing styles with great functionality and design, and firms and people who purchase them every time they see one that they like. The issue seems when individuals styles aren’t appropriate towards the picture of the organization, or when they’re incorrectly used. I’ve come across a lot of companies turning great styles into ordinary designs. That tremendous design doesn’t always fit that tremendous brand, so be cautious purchasing the best-seller theme on Theme Forest.

15) Labyrinth of knowledge

Even though this subject title may seem weird for you, it’s a very common mistake that we usually call the labyrinth effect, as well as in part, it is also an issue associated with usability. You will find great websites available with dramatic content problems. When the user has problems finding information, he’ll leave and won’t return.

Make certain your data is definitely reachable. It’s also very vital that you always provide your contact details on every page of the website, and also to make certain the consumer can certainly think it is.

Labyrinth of knowledge

I like bitbytebit’s design, however it clearly is affected with the labyrinth effect. Contact details can be found in the center of the page, hidden among additional information squares.

Web Developer
Web Developer

16) Image versus text

Typography is among the most significant elements in website design, and almost the only real element you can use for both appearance and text. However, its misuse could make your site bad for the finish-user and for programmers and web-site designers. Make certain you select a font that’s readable and appropriate for your audience, however, you can’t also overlook the individual who manages the web site maintenance. Using images to exchange typography could be a huge mistake, particularly in big projects or projects that will not be updated on your own.

17) Image Optimization

In case your website takes a lot of time to load, you lose visits and most likely profit. You realize that you just can’t re-size your image in Dreamweaver or Notepad, right? The look resolution is going to be smaller sized (or bigger) however the quality would be the same, so there’s no reason in resizing this way. You have to re-size your image with image editing software like Illustrator or Fireworks. Resizing, however, isn’t enough – you should also compress the look. With respect to the image, you need to compress it whenever possible, before you start to see picture quality loss. You are able to compress it using JPEG, PNG or GIF format.