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Therefore the rule is straightforward – the consumer can’t be distracted while he’s studying, so make certain your animation ends rapidly or includes a small visual impact.

12) Mix-Browsing

Inside a perfect world, there’d not be any IE, people could use exactly the same internet browser everyday, and web-developers wouldn’t have headaches while coding their websites. However, within the real life, you will find countless browsers and every one renders an internet site differently.

“Cross-browser refers back to the ability for any website, web application, HTML construct or client-side script to aid all of the browsers.Inches

Web Developer Singapore
Web Developer Singapore

When you begin building your site, you just can’t forget that it’ll render differently in Firefox compared to Chrome or Ie. So to get consistent results of all popular browsers, you have to write clean code and stick to the W3C standards.

13) Confusing navigation

Navigation will help the consumer to navigate your site. Whether it fails for the reason that purpose, there’s no reason in calling it navigation. One factor I truly hate about it’s the need to look for a website’s navigation or the necessity to work out how a navigation system works. Should you not tell the consumer what direction to go to another page, he leaves. Your navigation ought to be consistent, simple to find, and intuitive.

Another factor it is best to attempt to do is by using text rather of symbols. Remember, never ask the consumer to consider.

Confusing Navigation

I really like’s design, however, there’s an issue with the navigation. Nowhere text around the right are buttons which may be challenging identify as a result. I needed to move my cursor over individuals elements to determine they’d just a little animation as the cursor has ended them, saying that individuals elements truly are buttons. If you want to move your cursor more than a button to verify it’s actually a control button, this means your navigation is in some way confusing.