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Distracting background

Above is an ideal illustration of more concerning your background.

4) Insufficient Detail

In case your website sucks, it’s most likely since you didn’t worry about the minor things. Whenever you think your design is finished, you have to start right from the start and then try to apply detail on each and every element. Once you finish with detail, you have to begin anew and think about where it may be improved. Just one stroke, light effect, or shadow helps make the web site good along with a great design.


Blackberry’s website is a great one of what you could achieve by getting together with details.


Detail, detail, detail.

Insufficient detail

For an organization using the size and impact of Microsoft, the website is way from great. It’s certainly among insufficient attention and detail.

Website Designer
Website Designer

5) White-colored Space

White-colored space refers back to the space between elements, also it comes with nothing related to the colour. Should you not understand what I’m speaking about, stop your design projects and browse relating to this subject – How you can Really Use Negative Space As Design Element. White-colored space defines the areaOrrange involving the site elements, supplying good readability, focus, and style flow. Additionally, it gives your site a professional and clean look.

Clean layout is totally different from minimalist, consider clean because the complete opposite of cluttered where submissions are everywhere. Another factor you should think about is by using exactly the same height between elements, if you have three divs vertically aligned, and also the middle div is 50px in the top div, it ought to be 50px in the bottom div. This isn’t mandatory, but can help you acquire a good balance between elements.


Uberspace’s website makes use of white-colored-space.


Just searching in the image above, provides me with headaches. The amount of details are overwhelming, but the actual way it is displayed is a whole lot worse. Cluttered information helps make the user feel lost and unhappy. Cure it!